Farming on the Crown Point Estate is managed in-hand by a dedicated team of six staff, headed up by Tim Dixon, who together farm approximately 3,000 acres of arable land.

Farming on the Crown Point Estate is carried out by four farms - Bixley Farms, Crown Point Farms, TAS Farmers and Hellington Farm Ltd -  with its main base located in Kirby Bedon, where the modern grain storage and drying facilities are situated along with the workshop and Farm Office.

The Farm operates a fleet of John Deere tractors and modern farm machinery to enable efficient and highly productive farming.  The latest in-built GPS systems ensure pin-point accurate harvesting and drilling along with auto shut-off sprayers to eradicate over-spray, plus field mapping systems.  

The Farm prides itself on the range of crops it produces, from wheat, barley, oil seed rape, potatoes, sugarbeet, peas and mint which are sold to local markets and further afield. 

Crown Point Farms falls under the Entry Level Scheme (ELS) and Higher Level Scheme (HLS) agreements funded by Natural England which promotes the health of field hedgerows and allows for the provision of field margins.  This scheme helps to ensure that local native species are allowed to thrive and where possible the Estate avoids the use of pesticides and opts for granular fertilizers which are regularly checked to minimise the levels of heavy metals applied.

The cutting of field hedges is limited to one side every three years and no hedge cutting takes place between the end of February and the end of August to enable fledgling birds to vacate their nests and allow the hedgerow fruit to remain in place for as long a period as possible.  Annual wild bird surveys are carried out and levels of native species has remained high year on year.

The Estate manages a diverse range of woodlands totalling approximately 400 acres, spread in pockets throughout the 5,000 acre estate.   Under close supervision of  a woodland consultant, the woods are half way through a 10-year management programme of felling, thinning and replanting with the ultimate goal of timber production.

There is public access to woods in Poringland and we respectfully ask all visitors to keep to the paths and tracks within the wood to ensure the health and well being of the natural wildlife.

Crown Point Estate combine harvester